Valentine’s Day Pie Pops #valentinesday#valentinescookies#valetinerecipes

Hi absolutely everyone! It’s Kim from Starlight living, and today I wanted to reveal you all how to make these exquisite Valentine Pie Pops! Cute Valentine's Day pie pops - clean to make with most effective three substances wished! The first-class part of February is being capable of bake up some super candies for your loved ones.  those pie pops are not best quite, but they may be so clean to make and most effective require three ingredients!


  • Pie pastry dough {I used premade Pilsbury pie dough but you could make your own from scratch}
  • 1 - 21 oz can of pie filling {strawberry, cherry or raspberry}
  • One egg white


  1. Pre-warmth the oven in line with the instructions at the dough you've got chosen to use.
  2. Roll out your dough. cut out heart shapes using a cookie cutter.
  3. After you have got cut out your shapes, vicinity one piece of dough to your cookie sheet and scoop out your pie filling onto the dough. ensure you don’t positioned too much, if so it can spill out onto your cookie sheet whilst baking.
  4. Dab the egg white round the edges of the pastry.this could assist “glue” your pie collectively whilst you upload the second pastry on top of your filling.
  5. elective STEP: in case you would like to add a persist with the pie pop, location your stick inside the center of the filling. If you would instead show these as cookies on a nice platter, skip this step.
  6. here is where you may get innovative with your cookie!
  7. First alternative: Take your second pastry and reduce out a small coronary heart. place the dough on top of the filling.
  8. second choice: The small heart you chop out of the pastry keep and add to some other pie pop for some other innovative display.
  9. 1/3 alternative: skip the 2 options all together and just upload every other piece of dough on pinnacle of your pie.
  10. once you have brought the top dough layer, take a fork and press along the sides of your pie around the entire pie. This helps hold the filling inner.
  11. Brush a few egg white over pinnacle of the pie to create a pleasant golden brown look.
  12. area inside the oven for about five to eight minutes or until golden brown as favored.

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