Decidely Delicious And Easy Valentine’s Day Treats #valentinesday#valentinecookies#valentinerecipes

Chocolate covered pretzels might be my all time preferred treat to make and percentage.  they may be SO darn easy to make, there may be no baking, the options for customizing them are limitless and with their delicious candy and salty crunch, all of us always loves them.  If I’m ever uncertain what to make to take to a party or give to buddies, chocolate blanketed pretzels are my visit deal with.

I like them and they are pretty, but fact be instructed I sincerely choose to make the knot fashion.  The rods are a bit trickier to dip and cowl with chocolate (I have a tendency to preserve my pretzel rod over my bowl of chocolate and spoon the chocolate on and down the pretzel), where the knot fashion are the right size to dip in a bowl of chocolate.  i'm quite dedicated to the Snyder’s vintage Tyme pretzels when it comes to the knot form, as they're approximately the same thickness as the pretzel rods, and i think it’s a super ratio of pretzel to chocolate.


  • 1 bag 16 oz Snyder's Of Hanover Old Tyme Pretzels or Pretzel Rods
  • 1 package 16 oz Chocolate or Vanilla Candiquik or other candy coating
  • Assorted Sprinkles


  1. melt Candiquik or different chocolate coating consistent with bundle instructions. Line  baking sheets with turned into or parchment paper. operating one pretzel at a time, dip your pretzel into your melted Candiquik or different sweet coating. faucet pretzel lightly to shake off extra candy coating. Sprinkle with sprinkles of preference. region on wax paper to permit to dry, approximately half-hour. Repeat with remaining pretzels. shop in a covered container.

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