Oreo Ornaments #christmas #oreo

If it's socially acceptable (or if my family will allow it) I will put up Christmas decorations the day after Halloween.

Christmas is my favorite holiday so far. I love feeling in the air, I love shopping for gifts, wrapping them, blasting Christmas music, baking Christmas cookies and decorating my home like a mini winter wonderland. How can one not enjoy the glittering ornamental glass, the smell of fresh-cut pine trees, or the flicker of hundreds of rainbow lights that adorn the house?


  • About the Oreo cookie 20-24
  • pkg 1 CandiQuik vanilla
  • 20-24 miniature Reese PB cups
  • Various kinds of candy / sprinkles (miniature M & M, pieces of Reese, holiday sprinkles, dragees, frosting, chocolate, etc.).


  1. Melt CandiQuik according to the packaging instructions, until smooth and melted. Dip each Oreo cookie into CandiQuik that uses a fork that allows excess chocolate to drip. The Oreo place is coated into a baking sheet foil.
  2. Immediately attach a PB cup miniature above the Oreo for top decoration. Then immediately decorate the Oreo with various kinds of sweets or sprinkles. Consider making polka dot stripes or Chevron patterns, or other patterns or settings you want!
  3. Allows Oreo to set before serving or packaging.

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