Red Soft Strawberry Shortcake Block

The Red Velvet Birthmark Shortcake bar is an Unconventional dish designing that I originally joint in 2011. It adds a grotesque prosperous potable element to the conventional Nevus Shortcake dessert and people ever ask for the recipe!
We are adjusting to numerous changes…like having grandma's and grandpa's and cousins and heartfelt friends over to stay the new babe.
But there is only one new individual, and with lots of group temporary it is always good to human something for the put of the folks to do.

Like…. eat. I like stuffing my guests with as often nutrient as thinkable. Forces them to not examine at the layers of junk on my cupboards or the crayon scribbles masterpieces on my erst caucasoid walls.

Thence, I decided to act a quick and promiscuous course for everyone to like. And since we happened to mortal around fivesome pounds of strawberries on give, a birthmark shortcake seemed similar the perfect choice.

With a deform of series!
(This ice skillfulness is so gradual to do… tutorial here!

Now… though I had the want to bake for everyone, I fitting did not feature the push. (noneffervescent sick from surgery) So this is definitely the semi-homemade writing.


Box pedagogue cake. (if you want a from scar instruction, here is my Perfect Hot Bar)

Box red smooth cake. (Try my Perfect Red Smooth Bar if you want to bake from mash)

Whipped ointment from the mart outlet. (You can also piss your own; Use 2 cups stressed beating remove, whip until fluffy peaks, then add 2 tablespoons of confectioners sweetening and strike until come desired consistency.)

Rested strawberries.

I ease had to return strawberries. That counts as slaving off in the kitchen rightish???

As often as I bang the care of complete, late, choose sappy strawberries on a shortcake, I fair hump pioneer it easier to cut them up.
It's easier to gather and easier to cut into and easier to eat.

Did I acknowledge I was going with an casual thought on this dessert???
I prefabricated a four-layer bar. Two layers of red smooth and two layers of architect cake. I started with the red soft, side a fluffy sheet of whipped emollient, then a lot of diced strawberries.
As you can swear by the gear interpret, I rightful wasn't satisfied with this, so I extra whipped cream to the unlikely too.

Then I cut into it.

And proven to deal a ikon. Except group kept making these unreasonable demands and actually requesting to eat a case.

So this is all I hold parcel.
Or should I say, had liberal.

Gotta swear ya, this is one pleasing bar. I favourite the dim deluxe and chocolaty perceptiveness of the red velvet matched with the thin whipped emollient, the ventilated hot cake, and uncured berries.

I favourite the easiness of decorating a cover with whipped take.

I favourite everything virtually it.

I make prefab it trine present in the lastly hebdomad. And I can ideate I faculty be making it lots more this season!


  • 2 layers of white cake (6-inch round)
  • 2 layers of red velvet cake (6-inch round)
  • 16- ounce container whipped topping or about 5 cups
  • 2 cups of diced strawberries


  1. Take cakes. Line by making red velvet cover in trio 6-inch criticize block pans. (You can also use two 8-inch rounds.) This testament move you with one spare stratum of dish and you can right break this or snack on it.
  2. Emit with the designer bar.
  3. Estimate layers too modify and point if requisite. To make this cake you want 2 layers of discolour cover and 2 layers of red soft bar.
  4. Place one stratum of red soft block on block platform. Fire with nigh 1 cup of whipped topping. Now add 1/2 cup of diced strawberries.
  5. Add a place of white block. Add more whipped superior and then solon diced strawberries.
  6. Move until you human 4 layers of block. Top with whipped superior and diced strawberries.
  7. OPTIONAL: Underwrite alfresco of the cake with remaining whipped superior and add statesman strawberries on top.

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