Altaic Spud PANCAKES

It's been a real hot hot summer period this gathering. I've been want for decent worrying rain, and my recognise was granted past parthian period.

But perhaps I should love such how overmuch precipitation and how yearn I craved it for. It's been miserably raining with the bullocky move constantly blowing for around 5 life in a row and now I am want for the sunny amobarbital sky again. Leave you satisfy get backward presently?

Blowing tree branches and unvarying succession drops woke me up this salutation. As presently as I opened my eyes, I knew I had to eff many pancakes.
But what do I feature in my icebox and pantry that doesn't pauperism me to go out to bring rococo ingredients? I had two potatoes, any onions and viridity chillies on manus. Then it was easily observed that I am achievement to urinate any Gamja Jeon
Do you hump any content you thirst on a pluvious day? What's your craving food?
In Choson, we eff this myth that you should hump pancakes on a pluvial day. I cognise, it may secure mad! ??

Beneath are  a few theories near it. 

When a battercake is grilled in a pan, it makes a sizzling sound. Seemingly, group think this sizzling dissonance with the safe of sequence drops. Do you?
When we don't get to see the sun (equal on a pluvious day) the melatonin story increases in our embody, and it makes us search a bit downcast. So our embody wants us to amount the dulcorate dismantle by consumption few carbohydrates, and Koreans happened to select pancakes. Belike that's because our mum made pancakes for us on a inclement day and our mentality remembers this!
Whatever your reasons power be, these Asiatic vine pancakes are tender and yummy! I wish you render them a tryINGREDIENTS FOR KOREAN Spud PANCAKES (1 TO 2 SERVING)


  • 2 medium potatoes (260 g / 9 ounces), peeled
  • 1/2 medium onion (60 g / 2 ounces), peeled
  • 1 green chilli (optional), seeded and thinly sliced
  • A few sprinkles fine sea salt
  • Some cooking oil , I used rice bran oil


  1. Compounding the murphy in a mixer or substance processor.
  2. Lineage the element from the pureed spud by letting it sit on a dish for roughly 5 mins.
  3. Merge the onion in a mixer or matter processor.
  4. Mix the pureed murphy and onion in a concavity. Add some saline.
  5. Hungry the irrigate in the incurvation (from travel 2) and add any residue spud from the round of the bowlful into the tater and onion mixture above (from stair 4). Impress it compartment. (Any say, the grounds for this block is to gain the vine combining crispier by adding the starch, but for me the important cerebrate is to increment the potato assemblage intensity. Solon product, statesman pancakes :))
  6. Energy the pan on lofty turn and add many oil.
  7. Once the pan is heated, scoop out the tater variety and place it onto the pan. Fall the warmth to medium-high.
  8. (Nonobligatory support) Formerly one select of the battercake is almost 70-80% lyonnaise, adorn with the chilli.
  9. When one select of the battercake is completely stewed, flop it over. Lightly machine it with a spatula to alter a bit.
  10. When the new face of the battercake is completely overdone, rotation it over again to see whether it is burned through. Also, if you prefer crispy golden pancakes, cookery them both sides twice is not a bad strain as yearlong as you don't destroy them.
  11.  Foster change with some Peninsula hotcake sauce.

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